Installed, but does not appear in the Add-Ins tab.

After installation the CellViewDiff, a button appears in the ribbon as following image when you start Excel.

If it does not appear as described above, CellViewDiff is not correctly installed.
In the following procedure, please re-install the add-in CellViewDiff.

  1. Click the [File] tab in the Excel application.
  2. Click the [Options] button.
  3. Click the Add-ins in the Category window.
  4. Make sure that the [Inactive application add-ins] list in the details window "CellViewDiff" add-ins are displayed.
  5. In the "management" box, click the "COM Add-Ins" and then click "Go".
  6. In "COM add-ins" dialog box, click to select the check box next to the VSTO add-ins that are disabled.
  7. Click the [OK].



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