Purchasing gTaskSync License

gTaskSync is the shareware. Trial user is able to utilize the software for 60 days from initial booting. Full functionalities are activated during this term. To continue using, we would appreciate if you purchase the license.

License key would be delivered to the user via email.

About License

Number of license required is determined based on larger number between number of gTaskSync users and number of installed PCs.

- If gTaskSync is shared with multiple users on the one PC, each user has to have the license.
- If a user uses gTaskSync on multiple PCs, each PC has to have the license.

Unless outstanding upgrades are performed, users are able to update to latest version for free of charge. However, upgrade fee is required for versions with huge improvements.


gTaskSync license is $9.45.

License Register

  1. Click "Register" button.
  2. Input "Product ID" from e-mail.
  3. Input "License ID" from e-mail.

License Register Screen 1

License Register Screen 2

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