How to merge Excel files

There are many ways to merge text files, but there was no way to merge Excel files. By using ExcelDiff and ExcelDiffTool, it is possible to merge efficiently without mistakes.

In this section, we describe how to merge three files.

We will explain it as an example when the file is changed as follows.

We made the following modifications to FileB based on FileA.
- Add row of LosAngeles
- Mod. cost of New York
- Add column of Profit

Based on FileA, FileC has made the following modifications.
- Add row of Detroit
- Add column of Population
- Mod. sales of Denver

FileC 'is created by reflecting the modifications made to FileB in FileC.

First, we compare the three files File A, B, and C. In ExcelDiff V 5 and later, you can compare three files.

Specify the title column and title line so that the comparison result is close to the intended result. For a description of the title line and the title column, please refer to here.

If you do not get the intended result with only the title line / column, please review the option settings. For explanation of option setting, please see here.

In this case, by designating 1 in the title line and A in the title column, the comparison result is the intended result.

As a result of comparison, the following result file was generated.

As shown below, using ExcelDiffTool from the comparison result, copy the difference between File A and File B to File C.

By executing "reflection" using ExcelDiffTool, the above copied contents are reflected in FileC.

By the way, in the Profit column, the formula in the Sales column - Costs column was stored. When reflecting, it is reflected while keeping the formula. It is reflected not only in mathematical formulas, but also in the state that the source information such as cell formatting is retained.

By reflecting the results, you can confirm how the difference was reflected by making a comparison again. By performing the above procedure, you can merge Excel files.

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